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Out of Habit

Title: Out of Habit
Rating: PG
Fandom: Bleach
Spoilers/Warnings: AU
Pairing: Jyuushiro Ukitake x Retsu Unohana
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or its characters.
Theme: #4 - Ever So Often, Push Your Luck.
Summery: Five times Jyuushiro proposed to Retsu

Out of Habit


The first time he asked her it was admittedly not the best time to ask. It was their one year anniversary, but Retsu had just come off of a sixteen hour shift, and he had spent the day in court. Still, it was their anniversary, and the two of them had been determined to celebrate the date in one way or another. So they had picked up their favorite take out order and gotten a cheesy romantic comedy to watch.

It had been a nice enough evening, though rather short on conversation as neither of them were really up for it. Jyuushiro had pulled out the fortune cookies and said, "Maybe we should get married."

When Retsu had not responded, he'd turned to find her asleep on his shoulder. So Jyuu had set aside the idea for another time.


The second time Jyuushiro asked Retsu he admittedly had not exactly been at his best. He did have a head injury and was high on pain killers. There had been an incident in court that morning, and Jyuu had ended up with four broken ribs and a concussion. He had not been surprised when Retsu had showed up in his hospital room, but he had been rather out of it and rambling. Still, he had been happy to see her.

"Retsu! I like your scrubs. They have ice cream on them. Ice cream would be good right now. You know you're the only one besides myself that I know who likes wasabi ice cream? We should get married. That way we could always have wasabi ice cream in the freezer."

She had smiled and rolled her eyes at him.


The third time that Jyuushiro Ukitake asked Retsu Unohana to marry him he was interrupted. Which was rather unfortunate. Jyuu had it all planned out. Shunsui had helped get this set up. It wasn't the first time he had thought about doing this after all, and he had bought the ring ages ago. This time the proposal was not a spur of the moment thing or an drug induced one. So of course some thing had to ruin it.

Jyuu had smiled at Retsu across the table and reached for her hand. Taking it in his own, Jyuushiro began the speech he had prepared.

"Retsu, we've been friends and lovers for years now, and I know that-"

It was at that moment that a drunken idiot drove his convertible in to the restaurant. Jyuushiro set aside the proposal for another occasion.


The fourth time that Jyuu proposed to Retsu, it was Shunsui's fault, and no one took it seriously. To be fair, all four of them were completely smashed at the time. Jyuushiro had just won a major court case while Shunsui's manuscript had finally been accepted by a publisher. This, of course, called for celebration.

So Shunsui had dragged himself, Retsu, and Nanao Ise, who was Shunsui's new editor, off to a dive bar. Like most of the places that Shunsui found, the food and sake more than made up for its atmosphere. And they were all in a good mood and coming off of a rather crazy week, so several hours in to their little celebration, every one, with perhaps the exception of Nanao, was more than a little bit tipsy. It was not long before Shunsui started needling Jyuu about the fact that he still hadn't managed to propose to Retsu yet.

Jyuushiro had been drunk enough to consider this a challenge. So he'd climbed on to their table and proceeded to spontaneously rap a proposal. Retsu had been too busy laughing afterwards to give an answer. It had not been a very good rap, and he was mortified when he remembered it the next morning. It was really just as well that everyone ignored that one.


The fifth time that Jyuushiro proposed to Retsu, it was not technically a proposal. It was more of a statement of intent to propose to her. He had just been frustrated with the fact that it seemed like every single time he tried to propose to his girlfriend, some thing happened to mess things up. Case in point.

He'd been planning to figure out a proposal today. Unfortunately, their romantic picnic was rather interrupted by a downpour, and Jyuu had just give up.

"Every time. Every time I try to press my luck and do this. It's like the universe is conspiring to keep me from proposing to you."

Retsu laughed and kissed him despite the fact that they were both getting drenched.


She pulled out of the kiss and took his hands in her own. "Marry me, sweetheart?"

For a moment he just stared at her. Then despite the rain and the mess and the fact that he was supposed to be proposing. Jyuu grinned.


Jyuushiro slipped the ring onto her finger, and then they ran for the cover of the trees.

Tags: bleach, jyuushiro ukitake x retsu unohana

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