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Lady Muse

Title: Lady Muse
Rating: PG
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Spoilers/Warnings: AU
Pairing: Kunzite x Minako
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or its characters.
Theme: #12 - Bibliophile
Summery: Kitahoshi needed some inspiration for his next novel.

Lady Muse

Kitahoshi realized that he had a problem. Unfortunately, doing some thing about it was the problem. Despite having five best selling novels already and having made his living as an author for several years now, novel number six was proving to be a rather large stumbling block. The problem was none of his recent ideas seemed to pan out. He would start writing some thing, and then it would end to quickly, he would get bored with the concept, or he just could not figure out how to make the story work the way he wanted it to. It was very frustrating.

He had tried just about every thing he could to try and break his writer's block. It was the reason why he was trying to write here in a busy coffee shop rather than in his study at home. Kitahoshi actually hated writing in public, but he had been hoping that people watching might help with his story ideas. It hadn't worked so far. So far, Kitahoshi had only gotten annoyed with his fellow coffee shop goers. They were in the least bit interesting, even in a bad way. If they had been truly horrible people, he might have had some thing to work with. But really, they were all just mundane and obnoxious.

Sighing, he sipped at his coffee and regretted getting it real mug instead of a paper one. He'd stay until he'd finished his drink, and then he'd go home and try to write there again. The bell on the door tinkled, but Kitahoshi did not bother to look away from his view out of the window. At least, not until the bell rang again, and the sound of angry footsteps echoed through the coffee shop. That made him look up. A man with white blond hair was stalking towards a pretty blond woman in a madras sundress.

"You can't do this to me," he snarled, grabbing her arm and yanking.

The young woman stood her ground, her face transforming in to stony mask. "It is my career and my choice. You do not get to control every aspect of my life. Let go and leave before some one calls the police."

The man glared at her. The young woman just held her ground. Then without warning he released her, shoving her in the process. The young woman ended up in Kitahoshi's lap, wearing his coffee, as the man stalked out. A pair of wide sapphire eyes met his own, and the young woman blushed, even as she climbed out of his lap.

"I am so sorry. Let me get you another coffee."

Kitahoshi shook head. "Really, that is not necessary."

"I insist." She smoothed down her dress as she stood. "Please?"

Kitahoshi smiled slightly. "All right."

"What would you like?"

"A café au lait, please."


He watched as she walked over to the counter to order, observing the young woman. She was fairly petite, and she moved with a grace that spoke of training in dance at some point. Her clothing was fashionable, if simple and style, and the little jewelry she wore was expensive and understated. Off hand, Kitahoshi would guess she was a model or an actress of some sort. She spoke perfect Japanese, but with her blond hair, he would guess that at least one parent might be European. While she waited for his drink, Kitahoshi played through several various histories for her. The one he liked best ended up being in an urban fantasy setting and gave her a mysterious past and an imperative quest to find a lost fae princess. That actually might work.

Just as he started jotting down notes the character and her world, the young woman returned carrying two paper cups. She held one out to him with an embarrassed smile.

"Minako Aino. I am really sorry about this."

He took the offered cup. "Kitahoshi Ishikawa. It's not your fault. Are you all right?"

Minako sighed softly. "Yes. That could have been a lot worse. Ace has always had a temper, and I'm just glad his little temper tantrum was as restrained as it was."

"I would not have called that restrained, but then you know him better than I do."

She shrugged delicately. "As I said it could have been worse. Things have been very tense at work lately."

"Would you like to talk about it?" he asked.

She made a face. "It's a long story."

"I have time."

Part of Kitahoshi was surprised by his invitation. He tended to prefer his writing to people, and volunteering to spend time with a stranger was very out of character for him. But he found that he was interested in knowing more about Minako Aino, even if it was just to help him figure out a character for his book. She slid in to the seat opposite him.

"All right."

It was not long before Kitahoshi found himself meeting Minako for coffee on a regular basis. And only part of it was for research on his book. He had been on a roll with writing since meeting Mina. And not only was his sixth novel coming along quite well, but Kitahoshi had found he had material for an entire series. The real truth of the matter was he liked Mina's company.

He had been right about his initial assessment. Minako was an actress. She had also worked as a model and an idol singer as well. In fact, part of the dispute with Ace had been the fact that Mina had lately dropped working as an idol from her resume. She had felt that the image it projected did not match with where she wanted her career to go. Ace, who had basically been riding on her coattails, had taken exception to that. Hence the scene in the coffee shop.

As it turned out, Minako was one of the few people the young bibliophile enjoyed spending time with. He was more than a little surprised to Minako was fairly well read.

"Mostly because I really want to get a part in one of the BBC adaptations, and I want to know what I might be signing up for," she had admitted one day with a grin.

Kitahoshi had admitted that she had inspired his latest novel at about their fourth meeting. Minako had blinked at him and then had asked if she could read the manuscript before it was published then. He'd promised her the first copy of the book. Which he was now holding as he nervously waited for his girlfriend to show up. She had called to tell him that she was running late after an audition.

Minako breezed through the coffee shop door with a bright smile. She made a beeline straight for Kitahoshi.

"I got the part!"

He smiled at her and kissed her cheek. "Congratulations. I guess that makes my present all the more appropriate."

"You didn't have to get me anything."

"Well, it is your book in more ways that one." He handed her the copy of his book. "I don't think that I would have written it without you."

Tags: kunzite x minako aino, sailor moon

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