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Songs You Know By Heart

Title: Songs You Know By Heaert
Rating: PG
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Spoilers/Warnings: AU
Pairing: Kunzite x Minako
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or its characters.
Theme: #10 - Soundtrack
Summery: Kenzie listens to the sound of his girlfriend's voice.

Songs You Know By Heart

Kenzie woke to the sound of his girlfriend singing. That didn't surprise him in the slightest. Music was part of Minako, and she often sang to herself. Since she had moved in with him, Kenzie had become used to her voice. He knew its tones and inflections well. What she sang tended to reflect her mood. Right now she was feeling cheerful, which was rather surprising given that it was close to six in the morning on a Saturday. Kenzie normally had to be up at this time in the morning while Mina was dead to the world if she had a choice about it.

He lay in best listening to the sound of running water and the cheery strains of a pop song. For once, he had Saturday off, and he wasn't planning on getting up just yet. Kenzie wracked his brain to figure out what his girlfriend was going up at this hour. Still, there was some thing pleasant about listening to her putter around the apartment singing to herself. Kenzie recognized the music now. It was one of the latest pop hits from some female singer from the States. It wasn't some thing that Kenzie himself would normally listen to, but since Mina had come into his life, he had quickly become familiar with pop music. Though he did find it rather fascinating that one of Mina's favorite things to do was watch bad pop song reviews on the internet. It was an interesting window into her personality.

The sound of her voice, soft, happy, and content, told him that all was right with the world. He'd learned early on that it was what her voice sounded like rather than what she was actually saying that told the real story. Even her silences said something. Though, silence often meant something was truly wrong. Kenzie would take the sound of her voice, even when it was hard and flat with anger, over silence.

He was letting the sound of her voice lull him back to sleep when his girlfriend came bouncing into the room. She was dressed more formally than an early morning shopping trip with the girls called for, so that couldn't be the reason she was up. Minako beamed and him and leaned in to kiss his nose.

"I'm off to a video interview with the BBC. With any luck I can nab that part on Doctor Who. I should be home by lunch."

Kenzie smiled back at her. "Break a leg, Mina mine."

He listened to her voice softly fade as she left the apartment. And he wasn't surprised at all when Mamoru caught him humming the same tune later that day.

Tags: kunzite x minako aino, sailor moon

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